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Business and Accounting Courses

The goal of completing your degree is to help you find your dream job and work with a sense of passion and happiness.

Develop the knowledge and skills to enter the world of business. Start your own business with knowledge to help you succeed. Decide if an MBA or CPA track is for you. Below is a suggested core of five followed by others of interest or need. You will most probably need more than the 5 if applying to a graduate school for a Masters in Accounting. Check with the graduate program you wish to apply for a list of pre-requisites.

  1. Introduction to Marketing (BUS-102)
  2. Fundamentals of Management (BUS-101)
  3. Small Business Management (BUS-401)
  4. Principles of Financial Accounting I (ACC-101)
  5. Principles of Financial Accounting II (ACC-102)
  6. Business Communications (BUS-222)
  7. Human Resources Management (BUS-202)
  8. International Business (BUS-201)
  9. The Law of Business and Business Organizations (BUS-311)
  10. Macroeconomics (ECO-102)
  11. Management Information Systems (BUS-203)
  12. Microeconomics (ECO-101)
  13. Organizational Behavior (BUS-302)
  14. Principles of Finance (FIN-101)
  15. Recruitment and Selection (BUS-303)
  16. Training and Development (BUS-304)

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