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Business and Accounting Courses

The goal of completing your degree is to help you find your dream job and work with a sense of passion and happiness.

Do you pay strong attention to details? Do you have good problem solving skills? Are you interested in forging your own path by becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business?

If so, a degree in business or accounting may be the right fit for you. This program will give you all the skills you need to launch a successful business or start a career in finance, accounting or business management.

While a bachelor’s degree typically starts at $15,000 you can significantly lower the cost of your undergraduate education and qualify for many CPA or MBA programs for less than $10,000 with Coopersmith.

I’m interested! What are the course requirements?
The first step is fulfilling your core requirements. Get started by selecting four of the courses below. Speak to one of our advisors to find out which other courses are recommended for you in the event that you want to pursue an MBA or become a CPA.

  1. Introduction to Marketing (BUS-102)
  2. Fundamentals of Management (BUS-101)
  3. Small Business Management (BUS-401)
  4. Principles of Financial Accounting I (ACC-101)
  5. Principles of Financial Accounting II (ACC-102)
  6. Business Communications (BUS-222)
  7. Human Resources Management (BUS-202)
  8. International Business (BUS-201)
  9. The Law of Business and Business Organizations (BUS-311)
  10. Macroeconomics (ECO-102)
  11. Management Information Systems (BUS-203)
  12. Microeconomics (ECO-101)
  13. Organizational Behavior (BUS-302)
  14. Principles of Finance (FIN-101)
  15. Recruitment and Selection (BUS-303)
  16. Training and Development (BUS-304)

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Quick Facts About Careers in Business and Accounting
Potential Career Outcomes:

Certified Professional Accountant (CPA)
Financial Advisor
Median Pay: $119,000/yr
Job Outlook: Expected to grow 11% in 2020*