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Culinary Arts

The goal of completing your degree is to help you find your dream job and work with a sense of passion and happiness.

Culinary Arts allows students who are self-proclaimed Foodies to gain the necessary skills to either work in the food industry or work as event planners, caterers, food bloggers, or create their own food line specialty. How much one gains from the courses are related to the time they put in to practice. Suggested courses to add to Culinary are those from Business, especially if one is thinking about self-employment. Become a Food Blogger: http://mediakix.com/2017/10/top-food-bloggers-on-social-media/#gs.OqLz=Ww https://www.thebalancesmb.com/how-to-start-and-profit-from-a-food-blog-1794076 Become a Food Stylist: Food Stylists primarily arrange food for photographs that are found in cook books, magazines, blogs, websites, Instagram, advertisements, and menus. Learn the tricks that engage the food to the audience. Learn what it takes to connect food to the emotional side of people that results in the desire to purchase the marketed item.

  1. Bar and Beverage Management (HOS-203)
  2. Buffet Catering and Garde Manger (HOS-201)
  3. Culinary Arts Techniques (CUL-101)
  4. Culinary Math (CUL-203)
  5. Food Styling (CUL-301)
  6. International Foods (HOS-202)
  7. Introduction to Baking (CUL-102)
  8. Nutritional Cooking (CUL-202)
  9. Special Events and Meeting Planning (SMP-101)


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