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Nutrition and Health Coaching

The goal of completing your degree is to help you find your dream job and work with a sense of passion and happiness.

One of the fastest growing fields is Wellness Coaching. Coopersmith provides a solid foundation to enter this field with a holistic approach combining the science of nutrition with all the parts of one’s life that affect health and wellness. The goal is not just to coach someone through losing weight, but to actually guide and teach people how to transform their lives towards achieving optimal health. The transition from feeling OK to feeling at peak performance is challenging for most who are comfortable with their status quo. Coopersmith offers Nutritional Counseling and Coaching: The Future of Wellness. It is recommended that you take both to understand what the role of the Health Coach is compared to a Nutritionist/Dietician. You may want to continue your studies in Dietetics or Nutrition. Coopersmith offers the opportunity to understand the field before your commitment to graduate school. We do recommend that these courses are combined with many of our Counseling courses because wellness isn’t just about food. Example: Consider taking Career Counseling because when people are unhappy with their jobs, they have a greater likelihood to neglect their body and their overall health. We also recommend some of our Exercise Science courses as well. Call one of our Academic Coaches to discuss a customized sequence. 888-910-2667

  1. Coaching: The Future of Wellness (NUT-320)
  2. Nutrition Life Cycle (NUT-210)
  3. Nutritional Counseling (NUT-102)
  4. The Science of Nutrition (SCI-101)
  5. Sports Nutrition (NUT-103)
  6. Nutritional Cooking (CUL-202)
  7. Principles of Health Promotion and Education (HSC-203)


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