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Coaching, Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work Programs

The goal of completing your degree is to help you find your dream job and work with a sense of passion and happiness.

Masters in Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Addictions Counselor, and various fields within psychology such as School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology, are just some of the options available. Coopersmith gives you the opportunity (at a low cost) to explore a wide variety of courses in psychology, addictions, and counseling to help you identify the type of graduate program you would want to pursue. Become a Life Coach with a stronger foundation and skill set than many of your competition. The courses listed below can be combined with our business courses, especially with Career Counseling (executive coach), nutrition and health courses (wellness coach), exercise science (fitness coach).

  1. Abnormal Psychology (PSY-302)
  2. Child Development (PSY-230)
  3. Educational Psychology (PSY-204)
  4. History and Systems of Psychology (PSY-304)
  5. Human Growth and Development (PSY-203)
  6. Introduction to Psychology (PSY-101)
  7. Jewish Rabbinical Counseling (PSY-308)
  8. Physiological Psychology (PSY-303)
  9. Research Methods in Psychology (PSY-201)
  10. Social Psychology (PSY-315)
  11. Career Counseling (PSY-325)
  12. Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior (PSY-305)
  13. Coaching: The Future of Wellness (NUT-320)
  14. Family Therapy (PSY-306)
  15. Group Counseling (PSY-307)
  16. Substance Abuse Counseling (PSY-320)
  17. Therapeutic Interviewing (PSY-310)


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