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Throughout this bachelors program, I have learned so much in different areas. It’s been a real learning experience.

Especially in this writing program, I learned techniques and ideas that helped me be aware of how to improve my writing in different ways. I just wanted to tell you thank you. I feel I gained a lot from the lessons and research ideas. The insight, awareness, and practical guidelines have improved my writing in general. Thank you.

– Nechama G.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your videos!!your such a good teacher…I understood everything you taught right away !!! I was supposed to go to a tutor but I didn’t have to because the videos were so clear and thorough…thank you so much !

– Mindy G.

I took your Business Writing course a couple of months ago. At that time, I was working at a half day job and moving towards a career in speech therapy. I studied for the test just in order to get credits; I didn’t think business would have anything to do with me.

Two and a half weeks ago I began a second job, in an office doing real estate management. I just want to thank you for your course in business writing. It opened my eyes a bit to working in the business world and gave me some helpful tips on how to be more efficient and professional. (For example, keeping communication with a superior short and simple, always speaking in a positive way instead of apologizing, etc.)

Thank you very much for your help and may you continue to see much hatzlacha in all the wonderful work you do!

– Yocheved F.

Thank you very much for all the videos. I appreciate the time and effort that was put in to each one of them. I gained so much from each of the videos in each of the subjects. I could really understand the concepts that were complicated, but didn’t seem that way, because they were taught in such a clear way. It was such a pleasure to learn that way, and I want to thank you for making it possible. If not for those videos, it would have been a lot more challenging to take the course, and this method of taking the courses has really worked for me. I’m very happy to say that I really like the system. It isn’t a small feat to take a course in a short period of time, but with Coopersmith, any test was possible. Every course is available; it’s amazing how any subject that is required is given through your system. These videos really made it possible for me to learn something that otherwise would have been very difficult. I really didn’t know how I was going to do the math course, but with the videos, I was able to really learn concepts that I would not have been able to learn on my own in the same way. This system is amazing, and I am really impressed by it. Thank you for providing me with the tools I needed to succeed, and for giving me the resources to reach my goals. You get the credit for my future degree.

– Basya U.

I just want to let you know that I really enjoy the lessons, and the exams. They are really easy to follow.

– Chesky S.

I would like to thank you for presenting your courses in such a clear manner. I find it enjoyable to study for Coopersmith exams, and at the end of each course I come out feeling accomplished.

– Shani T.