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Business Environment & Concepts (BUS-550)
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March 2022 - Present.

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Business and Economics

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Learner Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: discuss how a business operates within multiple markets; compare and contrast the major relationships between a business organization and its stakeholders; describe the relationship between a stakeholder and a business they have invested in; summarize business’s social responsibilities and how to balance them against its economic and legal responsibilities; and outline the key concepts and principles that can be used by managers as they cope with the firm’s various stakeholders and challenges, such as corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, governmental regulation, political action tactics, strategic philanthropy and crisis management.


Business Environment and Concepts (BUS-550) is a graduate-level course designed to provide an overview of the knowledge and skills that are needed by a professional accountant must demonstrate when offering professional services. This course seeks to present an integrated overview of the social, ethical, legal, regulatory, political, technological, environmental, and international constraints, opportunities, and responsibilities facing business organizations and business managers. In particular, the focus is on corporate manager and business decision-making in the context of a domestic and international business environment. Organizational stakeholders, individuals or groups that affect or are affected by the business organization, are targeted in an understanding of their interests, power, and coalitions – that is, their salience – and how business managers may better manage these stakeholders in cooperative engagement for the betterment of business, and the civil society.

Credit recommendation:

In the graduate degree category, 3 semester hours in Business, or Ethics (2/22).